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Best DJ Controller For Scratching: Top-Rated 17 List DJ Controller For Scratching Updated 2020

Turntablism is the art of manipulating the sound by hand and creating music, sound effects, new mixes, and other highly creative sounds and beats, typically using two or multiple phonographs and a DJ mixer equipped with a diagonal cutoff shop. In this article, I will introduce the top 17 best dj controller for scratching.

The technology behind the DJ tables and the software they use is constantly improving. Because of this, our picks won't hold the “best” position forever. For that reason, I will regularly review the market and update our list of the best DJ tables at the moment. At this point, I feel that the following DJ desks are the best representation of the 2-disc DJ table criterion you cannot ignore. Below you will find 17 of the best dj controller for scratching that will help you in choosing the best dj controller for scratching. Keep reading BreatheCarolina to keep up with trends for the best dj controller for scratching in 2020.

best dj controller for scratching Comparison 2020

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Top 17 best dj controller for scratching Reviews 2020

DJ Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | All In One 2 Deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ Including an On board Audio Interface, 5 inch High Resolution Jog Wheels and Serato DJ Intro & Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit
  • Next Generation Feature Packed Controller : Ultra Portable two deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ Intro (Included) for Mac and PC with high resolution 5 inch metal jog wheels
  • Connectivity Covered : On board pro grade class compliant audio interface with 2 headphone outputs and main output for seamless connection to mixers & PA systems
  • Mix Control : Two physical decks outfitted with a crossfader, dedicated browsing controls, individual filter controls, touch capacitive jog wheels and independent transport controls access to critical, must have tools for seamless blending are right at your fingertips
  • Enhance Your Performance : 16 multi function back lit pads with multiple pad modes for total control of cue points, auto / manual looping and sample playback to add some flair to your performance, plus 100 millimeter pitch controls and a multi function touch strip for dynamic FX control and strip search
  • Spice Up Your Performance : Jump start your inspiration with 6 sample packs from Prime Loops including over 380 premium instrumental loops, drum kits, one shots, and more. A $200 value

A great DJ desk for beginners, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is an updated version of the original Mixtrack Pro. This version has a more beautiful and natural design. The wider design allows the knobs and sliders to be evenly spaced, and the control buttons apart.

If you're already familiar with Mixtrack Pro 2, you'll love the Mixtrack Pro 3's deeper two-channel jog wheel, which is very helpful. The per-channel filters are also an improvement on its predecessor.

This DJ desk runs on Serato DJ Lite which you can download for free after online registration. You will have to pay extra to get the full version.

The onboard sound card means you won't have to worry about having to connect to an external recording soundcard. Inputs and outputs are standard for this price range, with two headphone jacks, one inch TRS microphone port, and one dual RCA output.

DJ Denon DJ MC4000 Premium 2-Channel

Denon DJ MC4000 | Premium 2-Channel DJ Controller with Serato DJ Lite download (24-bit / 48 kHz)
  • Premium 2 deck controller for serato
  • Includes serato DJ intro; User upgradeable to serato DJ
  • Touch activated jog wheels for accurate scratching and track cueing
  • Dedicated hot cue and sample trigger pads with illuminated feedback
  • Long throw 100 millimeter pitch faders

Not quite the most powerful DJ table, but Denon DJ MC4000 possesses enough power to suit digital DJs "breaking into the ranks of professional DJs".

With this DJ desk, the Denon brand has succeeded in creating a panel that is designed to follow the principles of ergonomics. Using it the first time may not feel convenient but you will certainly feel everything, including the repeats and hot cue - right where it is needed.

The designers are also not "crazy" with the jog wheel. It is activated by touch, with an obvious, almost natural feel. The remote faders feel like a CDJ, while sample pads and hot cue can also be felt right under your fingers.

This DJ desk runs on pretty much any software. The supplied Serato DJ Lite software is sufficient for beginners. More premium DJs will want to upgrade to the full version to unlock the best features.

DJ Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2

Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 4-channel is an updated version of the old S4, with iOS compatibility being its most recognizable feature. Native Instruments' flagship DJ desks come with some cool new features. With full, bright, color-coded RGB triggers for points, loops, and patterns, this DJ desk provides instant visual feedback so you don't have to look at your computer.

It also includes a dedicated Remix Deck section for live remixing and creative layering. And, since the top Traktor S4 and Traktor Pro 2 software are built by the same team, you can rest assured that both are perfectly integrated. Everything you need is right here - track decks, remix decks, instrument input, and even the ability to add CDJs and turntables.

The look of the DJ desk is admittedly not much different from the old S4, but the new aluminum jog wheel upper gives it a distinctly shiny, industrial look. In addition, the jog wheel's brush control gives a much smoother feel. In fact, that's when you start scratching, you'll find this DJ table on par with the best DJ tables for scratching.

DJ Pioneer DDJ-SR Pro

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black (DDJSR)
  • 16 Performance Pads provide HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER and SAMPLER functions
  • Large Jog Wheels for precise scratching and mixing capabilities
  • Please refer User Manual before use.

If technics is the standard for the vinyl turntable, then Pioneer can definitely claim its reputation in the digital DJ space. The DDJ-SR offers many of the top performance features of the flagship 4-channel DDJ-SX2, including a built-in Serato sound card, large jog wheel, and slide mode. But with 2 channels and USB power support, this smaller, lighter DJ Pioneer DDJ-SR desk is ideal for Serato DJ Pro users who want to perform on the go.

This Pioneer DDJ-SR Pro 2-disc DJ desk is in the mid-range segment of the DJ desk market. It's reliable, sophisticated enough to grow with just your skills, and will be a great first step in a professional DJ job.


Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJSB3)
  • Intuitive layout, all of the features were designed to be where you need them, when you need them
  • Add scratch effects to cued and currently playing songs without a turntable thanks to Pad Scratch
  • Mixing is Seamless with the FX Fade feature. 5 inch durable aluminium jog wheel. Weight-4. 6 pounds
  • Constructed from premium materials and audio circuitry
  • Large, low-latency jog wheels to give you great scratch response and accuracy

Pioneer has combined popular features of the DDJ-SB2 with its flagship Serato DJ console to make DJ learning more accessible than ever. Ideal for beginners looking to hone their skills, this 2-channel controller is easy to navigate, featuring a professional-style layout inspired by Pioneer's flagship DDJ-S series.

Switch between tracks with ease with the added FX Fade and experiment with scratching effects without using the turntable through the new Pad Scratch function. Developed in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff, this technique adds scratch recordings to tracks when the Performance Pads are touched.

 The luxury gold limited edition Pioneer DDJ-SB3-N DJ desk offers plug and play simplicity with the world's first Pad Scratch for professional sound DJ performances. Specially designed for use with Serato DJ Lite, this powerful DJ desk offers 4-deck control and a compact yet rugged design ideal for modern mobile DJs on the go.

Developed from the recordings of DJ Jazzy Jeff's performances, Pad Scratch simulates eight of his scratching techniques with the simple manipulation of performance pads built into the controller. Any track you are playing or showing signs of will be processed and the scratch speed automatically matches the track's BPM. So even if you don't know how to scratch, you can create professional scratching effects without breaking the beat. Use the Pad Scratch feature alone or combine your own scrubbing skills on another deck for limitless creative possibilities.


Pioneer DJ DJ System (XDJ-RX2)
  • 7-Inch large touch screen and other features from the CDJ-2000NXS2
  • Layout and performance features from the DJM-900NXS2
  • Multicolored performance pads
  • Usb connection (link export) for rekordbox
  • Includes rekordbox DJ license key. Signal-to-noise Ratio: 112 dB (USB)

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 DJ table is a new improvement from the previous generation of XDJ-RX of the DJ Pioneer table brand. Still, a DJ table with many unique mixing features along with sophisticated details, this product is always favored by professional DJs.

As you can see, the DJ Pioneer XDJ-RX2 stands out thanks to its large 7-inch touchscreen size, sound effects, track information, and user status. All the details displayed are arranged in a visually vivid way, making it easy to see what is happening at the moment.

In addition, the display also comes with QWERTY keyboards for faster song searching combined with a large scroll wheel, and the Needle Search, Track Filter, and Short Cut features inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2.

The keys are adjusted sound effects when activated will display very vivid colors. These keys make it easy to use features like Hot Cue, Beat Jump, Beat Loop, and Slip Loop - pro features are common today in professional DJ work.

With 2 separate USB ports, it's easy to import playlists into your own PC music management app to prepare for performances by analyzing BPM, setting up Hot Cue and Loop.

When using the USB CONNECTION (Link Export) mode, you connect your laptop to the XDJ-RX2 and you can play songs directly without exporting them to a USB device. In addition, you can also easily record your mix by plugging in a USB more and using the Master Rec feature.

DJ Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8

Hercules DJ Hercules DJControl Instinct P8, Black (4780861)
  • Dual-deck DJ controller with 2 pressure-detecting jog wheels, Mixer controls in the center, and individual deck controls on the left and right
  • 8 sample pads with multicolored lighting, allowing better comprehension
  • Built-in sound card with 2 RCA outputs for mixing and a 1.8”/3.5 mm mini-jack stereo output for previewing tracks on headphones
  • Combined with the latest version of DJUCED 40 Degree, the DJControl Instinct P8 provides a complete experience, from mixing to performance!
  • Detachable USB cable; Easy to install; No drivers required; PC / Mac compatible

Hercules has just introduced the DJ Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8 table, the newly updated version of the DJ Control Instinct controller. This is a compact 2-channel included controller with jog wheels and rubber tab pieces used by the DJ UCED 40 software provided as soon as you buy this DJ table. It also comes with its own audio interface and also features a pair of RCA Master outputs and a 1/8 headphone jack so DJs can easily set up a party setup. small space locations.

 Hercules DJ Control Instinct is a great choice for those who want to experience the DJ world without spending too much on their equipment. DJ Control Instinct P8 continues its tradition of being budget-friendly but with an updated set of new features and control panels for modern digital DJs are just getting started.

DJ Behringer CMD Studio 4A

Behringer CMD Studio 4a 4-Deck DJ MIDI Controller with 4-Channel Audio Interface
  • Highly integrated 4-deck controller with built-in 4-channel USB audio interface
  • Deckadance* LE DJ software voucher from Image-Line included
  • Compatible with popular DJ software including Native Instruments Traktor*, Serato Scratch Live*, Ableton Live* and any other MIDI-compatible programs
  • Powerful 4-channel USB audio interface with 24-bit converters and ultra-low latency operation under Windows* and OS X* operating systems
  • Large 6” touch-sensitive high-resolution control platters for precise control

Behringer DJ Desk CMD Studio 4A is a four-deck MIDI DJ controller that features a built-in four-channel USB interface audio. It has 2 6 inch touch-sensitive hard disks as well as backlit buttons that correspond to what's happening in your software. The mixer features vertical faders, a tri-band EQ, assign FX, and load suggestion and monitoring buttons. The CMD Studio 4A has a total of 8 hot cue buttons and 2 FX modules. It supports library navigation, loop control, and keylock. The CMD Studio 4A is extended with other CMD controllers. In addition, the Behringer CMD Studio 4A DJ desk also comes with DJ software.


  • Layout and features from club-standard NXS2 set-up
  • Dual USB-A ports and single USB-B port
  • 7 inch full color screen
  • Performance controls; hot cues, Beat Loop, Slip Loop, Beat Jump
  • Mixer section with professional FX; Beat FX, Sound Color FX.Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 112 dB (USB)

After the great success with XDJ-RX and XDJ-RX2, Pioneer continues to release with more optimal design and price. It is the DJ Pioneer XDJ-RR table, this DJ table inherits the advantages of the brothers before. XDJ-RR is a dominant product and is warmly welcomed by the world sound market, especially the DJ world. Here are the highlights of this popular DJ table.

The Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ desk is the successor to most of the advantages from the design to functionality of the XDJ-RX and XDJ-RX2 desks. Of course, Pioneer does not hesitate that for this product line to ship, XDJ-RR must certainly have its own advantages.

If you have a special love for the DJ XDJ-RX, you will also be pleased with the DJ Pioneer XDJ-RR table. The Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ desk is also inherited with 2 separate USB ports capable of recording music sets, a 7-inch touch screen, effects, Beat FX and Sound Color FX, and even Rekordbox DJ software.

Rekordbox DJ software will help you experience various types of DJ-ing via USB or use Link Export to connect directly to your computer. The 7-inch color display lets you easily keep track of all the song's parameters.

In particular, the Pioneer XDJ-RR also allows you to select any segment of the song very quickly. At the same time, the display light on the bezel will allow you to keep the track in its place without having to look at the computer screen.

The professional and familiar design of the XDJ-RR will make it easy to use and experience the product. The compact design and intuitive layout and tactile Pads Performance make the DJ XDJ-RR table stand out and be loved. At the same time, the design is much more compact but still ensures full features and the power is the outstanding advantage of the DJ Pioneer XDJ-RR table compared to the previous series.

Sound quality is one of the standout advantages of the DJ Pioneer desk. The Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ table features a master and booth output circuitry that ensures reproducible sound sources are authentic, powerful, and clear. The Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ table delivers clean, quality output through the ingenious handling of Pioneer filters. In addition, the XDJ-RR is slightly cheaper than the XDJ-RX2 with a more compact design.


Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller, Black (DDJ-1000)
  • Customizable color LCD on jog display screens are located in the CENTRE of each jog wheel, reveal only the information you need whether that’s BPM, waveform, playback position or Hot cue, loop points
  • Transitioning to this DJ controller is a breeze thanks to the familiar jog-wheels and layout, using rekordbox Dj with the DDJ-1000 feels the same as playing from USB drives with a NXS2 set-up
  • Improved Magvel Fader is durable for more than 10 million movements the refined software processing of the jog wheel and crossfader significantly reduces latency
  • Add texture to your sets with four new Beat FX and four Sound Color FX from the DJM-series mixers
  • Performance pads -hit the 16 back-lit rubber performance pads to trigger Hot cues, pad FX, beat jump, Sampler, keyboard Mode, beat loop and key shift at a touch

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is a brand new DJ controller that has been recently released by Pioneer company. This product aims to bring new and enhanced features to the familiar Rekordbox DJ software.

The first impression and attraction on the DDJ-1000 controller are that the Jogwheel of equal size aluminum on the CDJ is specially designed with a high-resolution LCD screen with parameters such a Waveform, Cue Point, BPM, Loop Point, remaining time. Although equipped with a full-sized Jogwheel similar to the flagship CDJ-2000NXS2, the DDJ-1000 still weighs only 6kg, equivalent to the DDJ-SX2 or XDJ-RX.

Another highlight to note is that the track selector has been designed by DJ Pioneer to the right of each deck (instead of in the middle of the mixer like previous generations), helping DJs avoid confusion. Choose tracks between decks.

In addition to the 10 most familiar Beat FX on the DJM series mixer, the DDJ-1000 also has 4 brand new effects including Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle, and Low Cut Echo.

However, it seems that this FX is built on computers and not integrated into DDJ. Pioneer DJ introduces 2 USB ports on the DDJ-SZ for the first time to make shifting or B2B easier and it's great that the DDJ-1000 has the same functionality. Each channel can switch between USB A, USB B, and Line / Phono.

With a completely new design unlike any other product, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ table is designed with a more rotating wheel and is special on the swirling screen that also bears the image of DDJ and this change of position brings. are new to the user.


Pioneer DJ DJ (XDJ1000MK2)
  • CDJ-Style design. Playable media-iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android phone, etc; USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc); PC / Mac
  • High-Resolution audio
  • Faster browsing
  • Enhanced performance

DJ table is a compact design with lighter material compared to other DJ series also Pioneer brand. Therefore, this DJ table is considered to be convenient for performing at music events or parties.

The turntable is designed in a similar fashion to its CDJ-2000NXS2 cousin. Combined with a 7-inch touch screen, with better resolution. This screen will show all the information you need: wave zoom, count down, phase measurement, frequency, and more.

Compared with its predecessor, the DJ desk has made advances in technology. Typically there is no CD player but instead a USB reader, Pro DJ Link, ...

With this DJ keyboard, you can easily use the dial besides the screen or use the Qwerty keyboard to access the sound library quickly.

The eight controls added Quantize, allowing you to play Cue and Loop points at the same time as the tracks in Rekordbox.

In addition to MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF formats, the DJ desk also supports high-quality FLAC and ALAC audio formats up to 48kHz / 24 bit.


Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-800)
  • 2-Channel DJ controller with Club style layout
  • Sound color FX and beat FX
  • 16 performance pads that control hot cue, pad FX, beat jump, Sampler, keyboard Mode, and more
  • Advanced super-fast search
  • Buttons for key shift and Key sync

As a 2-channel DJ controller that inherits the popular club-style layout and features of the DDJ-1000 in a lighter body, the Pioneer DDJ-800 DJ desk is a professional DJ setup that allows users to perform work anywhere. That also means: with the DDJ-800 you have a professional performance controller with high portability.

At the same time, Pioneer shows its sophistication in listening and understanding customers with the addition of a compatible Feedback Reducer feature in dj rekordbox. In addition, the DDJ-800 is designed to be used to mix sounds from external sources and apply Sound Color FX, Beat FX, EQ, Trim, and more.

It's easy to see that the DJ Pioneer DDJ-800's on-table design is more compact and more maneuverable than its cousin DDJ-1000. Specifically, it is up to 22% smaller than DDJ-1000 in terms of volume and 1.3kg in weight. As a result, users can comfortably transport it between events.

The Pioneer DJ-DDJ-800 is the first 2-channel controller with a high-resolution LCD display. This screen displays information such as playback time, BPM, waveforms in the center of each Jog wheel, range Cue, ... This makes mixing faster and more accurate.

As mentioned above, Pioneer has not only talented but also sophisticated designers and engineers. This is partly due to the addition of the new Feedback Reducer feature in the Rekordbox DJ that instantly detects the frequency of feedback mic howling and controls it to its lowest level. At the same time, two independent mic inputs are designed to give users more flexibility when bringing the mic to the speakers and MCs.

The unit is designed with a familiar interface with all the buttons, knobs, and levers on the controller arranged exactly like Pioneer's CDJ and Club DJM devices. The Pioneer DDJ-800 DJ desk allows users to operate it as easily as using Pioneer DJ's flagship setup.

In addition, the Feeling Adjust feature allows players to put the resistance on the Jog Wheels at whatever weight they want to Scratching with the popular Sound Color FX and Beat FX. Thanks to the dedicated Beat FX display, it allows users to instantly reference the selected BPM and FX name without even looking at the PC / Mac screen.

DJ Numark NS7iii

Numark NS7III | 4-Channel Motorized DJ Controller & Mixer with Screens and free Remix/Sampling Program downloads
  • 4 decks of Serato DJ software control; built-in 4-channel audio mixer
  • 2 variable-torque motorized platters with high-resolution MIDI tracking
  • Touch-activated knobs produce ground-breaking control of filters, EQ, and more
  • Authentic vinyl records provide the feel of a professional DJ turntable
  • 16 velocity-sensitive Akai Professional MPC pads with backlit RGB feedback

Numark NS7iii is the pride of Numark, is the best DJ table in the world today with the full functionality of a top DJ table: NS7iii fully integrated 4 decks with basic functions like 3 floors sound, long tempo sound, cue, loop, sampler, filter roll, touch activate nob, slicer, hot cues, ...

 The 3600-tick per-turn automatic turntable to simulate turntable saves money scratchers on the turntable and still scratches/slip just like the real thing. The inversion bar, when used, can cause the dial to rotate backward (whereby the music also rewinds) for a certain time or for long periods until the function is turned off.

The effects of key integrated touch make it easy for the user to coordinate the effects and the use of all 6 effects at the same time has become possible. Three full color - led displays integrated display: music list, effects, parameter tempo, music wave to combine music …

The needle search function (needle search): makes finding / rewinding the exact position in the song faster with the custom function of start slow/delay stop for a smooth start and stop of music according to set time. The LED system around the table shows parameters of volume, position/song length, bpm - beat between decks with soundcard great sound quality.

Roland DJ 505

Roland PKG DJ-505 Two Channel, Four-Deck Serato DJ Controller with Free Orange EMB Rechargeable Speaker
  • Package: DJ-505 + EMB Rechargeable Speaker
  • Eight dedicated pad controls for Serato DJ Pro with Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, TR, Pattern, and Sampler modes
  • Built-in, fully editable drum kits from Roland’s legendary TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, and TR-606, realized with advanced ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology
  • Classic 16-step sequencer that can trigger either TR drum sounds or the Serato Sampler; new features include nudge (TR-S), step-roll, and instrument/sample mute
  • EMB Rechargeable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Wireless Shower - Orange

While this model's feature set isn't a lot, it's a controller capable of all the features a DJ needs. The addition of drum machine functionality sets it apart from other controllers at this price point. With reliable and feel-good running wheels, it's also a good choice for professional DJs.

The 505 offers a built-in drum equalizer just like its big brother DJ 808. Although there are some missing controls like fader for soundbanks, you can easily layer the drum patterns and incorporate them into your DJ set.

One of the main selling points of the Roland 505 series is that it is an affordable product. You have 4 to 2 channels but that should be more than enough for most DJs. It is also a compact and sophisticated design. If what you care about are portability and size, then the Roland 505 is a great choice.

A jogging wheel gives you the feeling of realism and brings the great sound, you can fine-tune as you like

Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 DJ Controller
  • Jog mode: Classic spin-to-nudge function, as well as scratch capability
  • Beat grid adjust mode: Use the jog wheel to manually adjust beat grid in TRAKTOR
  • Club-standard layout with identical deck design, 2-channel mixer, and fast control of key TRAKTOR features
  • 16 RGB pads for triggering Hot cues, loops, or samples. Headphone Output - Maximum Output Level - 45 mW @ 33 Ohm load . Frequency Response - 20Hz-20kHz +/- 1.0 dB. Crosstalk @ 1kHz - -55 dB
  • 3-band EQs with modeling of industry standard mixer Eqs

As the most successful DJ device from Native Instruments, the S2 MK3 has a pretty simple yet incredibly powerful look with its hardware. Although the design is quite compact, it is not light to carry often, because inside the products of Traktor always comes with quite high-quality materials. This is the advantage point but also the downside of Traktor when many customers report that the device is quite heavy when they want to bring it to parties, or events where DJ equipment is not available.

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3-K Compact DJ 4/Dual Deck Controller, Black
  • Intuitive Layout - buttons and dials are arranged around the backlit jog wheels for easy access
  • The Pulse Control lights add a visual element to DJing, showing when a track has loaded, as well as which effects and filters are engaged
  • Comact, easy-to-carry weighing just over 2 lbs. and small enough to fit in a backpack, the DDJ WeGo3 is perfectly portable

Up to now, the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 DJ table is dubbed the DJ table with the smallest size. The DJ Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 table quickly received everyone's attention thanks to its mesmerizing appearance. The table is made of high-quality aluminum material, lightweight and durable. The rotating wheel is equipped with a blue led light. The centralized layout of controls for easy operation. With a compact design, the DJ table gives players easy control, as well as easy to take anywhere.

Flexibly connect with iOS devices by running Igoriddim's djay 2 apps to use the console. You can also connect with Android devices, or PC / Mac using music player software including Virtual DJ software that allows you to mix and match tracks, loops, cue with various effects 

and Serato DJ software with the built-in intro, which you can rearrange your music library then simply drop tracks on the DJ table to control your music.

The DJ table can easily connect directly to the amplifier or speakers without the need for external sound cards. Besides, the Pulse Control temple control supports beginners to easily track the effect, music speed.

Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix | Complete DJ Controller Set for Serato DJ with 2 Decks, Party Lights, Headphone Output, Performance Pads and Crossfader / Mixer
  • Let’s Get This Party Started Portable two channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite (Included) compatible with Mac and PC
  • Complete DJ System with DJ Lights Built in light show with three room filling LED light arrays that auto sync to your music and guarantee to make your party utterly unforgettable
  • Connectivity covered on board audio interface with 1/8 inch headphone output and 1/8 inch main output for connection to DJ mixers, DJ Speakers & PA systems
  • Mix Control Two decks outfitted with a crossfader and jog wheels access to critical, must have tools for seamless mixing are right at your fingertips
  • Enhance Your Performance Four pad modes for total control of cue points, auto / manual looping and sample playback to add some flair to your DJ performance

With a low price, compact design, built-in soundcard, and comes with a music sensor Led light with many different projection modes, this is an extremely suitable product for a small party at home or convenient to carry with you to far places.

Compatible with most of today's DJ software like Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, and a few other applications on the phone, this is clearly not a flashy toy, but really a cheap, compact DJ controller with fully featured for you to comfortably use anytime, anywhere, in any party or event.

Buyer Guides For Buying Best DJ Controller For Scratching

When you buy your controller, one thing is for sure there are so many options out there. The challenge is finding the right controller for your needs and budget. That said, your selection is unlikely to be driven by a feature or quality. So consider the more important considerations below to select the best dj controller for scratching for you.

What software do you like?

The DJ controller is designed as the external interface for DJ software. They give you external control over the software and help with simple tasks like changing BPM, tweaking FX, editing and changing markers, syncing tracks, and many other tasks

best dj controller for scratching

The software platform you choose to run with your controller will determine what you can and can't do. However, more and more manufacturers are removing the luxury of choosing which software to run, and hence DJ controllers are made for use with certain software.

Although there are controllers that you can use with other software, they only work best if run with the specified software. There is software that allows you to use it with just about any piece of software, and Serato is the standout out of all. One caveat is that you should avoid using software that is not recommended for the controller as that increases the digital latency issue.

best dj controller for scratching

If the software is an important factor then you should do your research to find out the software that really suits your purpose and buy the controller only after you have identified the software it is capable of tightest integration.

Crossfader And Jogwheel

The DJ scratching feature involves speeding up, pausing, slowing, and reversing recordings to change the sound during playback.

The Jogwheel is a digital emulator of a turntable disc and that means you need to get a responsive and natural jog wheel. The same goes for Crossfader in order to avoid lag issues in the specs, which are common with digital controllers.

best dj controller for scratching

The size of the jogging wheel is an important issue. Trying to reproduce the dimensions of the turntable setup is difficult to achieve on the controller. However, you can still get very good-sized running wheels that give a good level of control and feel. Complicated scratches can be difficult with very small rollers, but the size is not everything. With experience, you can achieve a great scratching technique on small jogging wheels.

As you would imagine, there is a lot to incorporate so that a running wheel can emulate the natural feeling and experience of spinning to produce the best sound and the main thing you need to notice. is the feature that adjusts the tension of the running wheel. Remember that only selected controllers have this function.

best dj controller for scratching

A jogging wheel also needs to be full-sized to handle any scratches. Too small jogging wheels will really limit your style.

Control Right

Different DJ controllers take advantage of different features and tools, and each lineup has its own unique feature.

The all-in-one controller is typically packed in basic digital DJ features and other features you'll typically find in standalone equipment like the mixer, MIDI, drum pad, and audio interface. These will cost significantly more than the basic entry-level controllers. It is important to know what features are important to you before you choose to buy yourself the best dj controller for scratching

best dj controller for scratching

The number of channels and ports connected to the controller also determines how much you can do with your controller. How many inputs do you want your controller to have? On the market, there are more input and output options that give you the flexibility to perform small to large-scale performances

A Portable DJ Will Need A Compact, Portable DJ

If you have to move a lot due to your performance schedule, your sets need to be sure to move to avoid damage but be compact and flexible.

Your gear will suffer damage if you have to carry heavy equipment to move between locations. Hence, a compact all-in-one controller would be a great convenience.

best dj controller for scratching

The controllers are usually compatible with each other, with manageable size and weight, especially when you compare them to vinyl turntables.

Perhaps more important is choosing the one that comes with a good sound card so you don't need an audio interface anymore, which will add to the equipment you have to carry with you.


Latency is the time between the execution of an action and the time it is reflected in your software or performance. When it comes to a jog wheel, one thing is for sure, we all have to make sure the slowest sound lag possible. Mixing is all about timing and this becomes even more important when making scratches.

best dj controller for scratching

Most modern DJ controllers offer a running wheel with very low latency however problems will arise as time passes on the product. To avoid unexpected problems, it's best to keep both your software and firmware up to date. If possible, try to invest in a good quality jog wheel like a good quality running wheel will also be more resistant to wear, which can also affect responsiveness and lag. Besides, buying high-quality DJ equipment from trusted brands is the best way to make sure you won't run into problems like this, or at least your dj table can last a long time.

Conclusion best dj controller for scratching Top Pick For The Best

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